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COVID-19 and Changing Needs

As Coronavirus has changed the world so dramatically, we can help you get your teams back to work safely.  Our programmes are proven to be highly effective in changing behaviours, and we are all going to need to implement behavioural changes in 'the new normal'. Speak to us about our Back to Work Safely programme

Remotely delivered 360safeVR training

We can deliver our behavioural safety training and workshops completely remotely, so if your teams are at home, we can help to prepare them to return to site safely.  We supply individual headsets for users to view our 360safeVR content at home, and then join online group discussions on a range of behavioural safety topics.  We work with you to create bespoke modules suitable for your own workforce, or use content repurposed from existing films as appropriate.

Talk to us now to get your teams 'Back to Work Safely'

VR and 360Film to reduce site visits

To reduce site visits for your staff and clients there are various VR based solutions. These are 360 camera and viewing kits used to capture and share views of sites, equipment, locations etc. One person can capture a 360 video of a site, add annotations and share to whoever needs to see it, replacing multiple site visits.  We work with a number of suppliers of these, and can advise on the most suitable for your needs, as well as help you implement, and train your teams to use them. 

Talk to us now to get your teams 'Back to Work Safely'

VR Technology Consultancy

There are a huge range of applications of VR technology, which will be helpful at this time.  Our experience of working with VR technologies over the last 4 years means that we can recommend bespoke solutions for a range of your changing needs.

Whether this is a strategy to keep your teams safe on site, new ways of working remotely across projects, or integrating VR technology into your new business/work-winning processes, we can help you.

Talk to us now to get your teams Back to Work Safely

Conventional Films and Animation

Along with our 360/VR solutions, we can produce conventional films/videos for either externally or internally focussed needs. e.g. project films, business development, training, staff health and wellbeing focus etc. These can be produced quickly and sometimes completely remotely.  

We also work with CAA licensed drone pilots, and (once flight permissions are in place) we can supply a range of drone services.

Talk to us now to get your teams 'Back to Work Safely'

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